paradise is here is going organic

paradise is here presents DEVI nuovo negozio bio in Cadenazzo, Via Stazione 3. We are open from 31.08.2022, come and visit us! From end-September the online shop on will also be available.

What is DEVI?

DEVI is a project that integrates a physical and an online space: DEVI nuovo negozio bio is a physical supermarket, based in Cadenazzo, and is an online shop. We sell organic products from Ticino, Switzerland, and Europe.

DEVI was created in response to the need of creating a sustainable alternative way of buying and consuming basic goods, and to create a reliable and continuous source of funding for the artistic and cultural projects realised by paradise is here.

We choose to believe in a possible future and act responsibly for the health of humans and our planet.

How did DEVI come up?

The idea for the DEVI project was born in 2016, when Kami Manns, director of our cultural association, realised that the investment of time and money used by cultural institutions to raise sufficient funds to survive and be able to produce quality works is disproportionate and the result is fragmented and unresolved.

paradise is here wants to invest this time to ensure the highest quality of its artistic productions, educational activities and cultural mediation. For this reason, it is necessary to find a constant, secure and sustainable source of funding. Thus, was born the idea of creating a commercial branch of paradise is here!

The idea of an organic supermarket that also has the possibility of online shopping with home delivery is conceived between 2019 and 2020, when Kami Manns is forced to stay home due to a delicate twin pregnancy and the pandemic has come to unsettle the lifestyle of us all.

This experience has made paradise is here aware of the difficulties faced by people in need, such as pregnant women, elderly and sick people, who cannot easily move from home and who are consequently disadvantaged in purchasing organic products. Therefore, one of our main goals is to make access to organic and quality products more inclusive for all people.

DEVI, on one hand allows the population of Ticino and Switzerland access to a wide range of organic and quality products, and on the other hand, thanks to the profit generated, can economically support the cultural and educational activities that the association paradise is here carries out on our territory.

DEVI nuovo negozio bio in Cadenazzo

We are located on Via stazione 3, 6593 Cadenazzo.

Our opening times:

  • Monday to Saturday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.
  • Coffee shop open from 7.00 a.m.

You will find sustainable and certified organic products: food, household and body care products for kids and grown-ups, and for your four-legged friends. Stop by, have a look around, ask for advice and take some happiness home with you!