Monte Brè sopra Locarno is a small village located on the hills above Ascona and Locarno, at 1000 meters above sea level, with stunning views on the Lago Maggiore. A relatively difficult mountain and forest road separates it from the city down in the plain, meaning it’s quite secluded, even though it’s only 20 minutes by car from the Locarno train station (itself very well connected thanks to the new Gotthard base tunnel).

Monte Brè sopra Locarno offers an unparalleled qualify of life. Spring water directly in the taps; a forest teeming with life; no pollution or electrosmog to speak of; absolute silence; abundant sun; traditional granite homes. It offers the kind of luxury civilized men have grown to recognize.

The Monte Brè Project

paradise is here aims to have, starting in 2022-2023, a new location, situated in the beautiful landscape of the Monte Brè. Monte Brè will thus become the main location of paradise is here. The venue will host part of the artistic activities of paradise is here and will be a place for itinerant activities in nature, and a place for creation.

The underlying idea is to create here a true ‘paradise’, a magical place, built upon the principles of inclusion, creativity, education, excellence and healthy living, a place where arts and nature merge and a place open to people of all cultures, to people of the region and to visitors alike.

The activities developed in Monte Brè will be focused onto several main directions:

  • arts – theatre, dance, music production, artistic residencies, an established interdisciplinary ensemble (the first one in Ticino), artistic research;
  • nature/health/well-being– activities that explore the natural surrounding, hiking/bike tours, horse-back riding, initiation in the life of earth, water, plants and animals, as well as activities centered around healthy and responsible eating and living; meditation, nutrition and responsible eating/living.
  • education – workshops for children and families, after-school programs, summer camps, summer clubs, coaching workshops etc.;

A transversal direction and one of the main principle that paradise is here is based upon is that all these directions/areas of action should be open and inclusive to people of all cultures, races, social backgrounds, people with disabilities and people without disabilities, children, grown-ups and older generations. We aim at making the pathway to our location accessible for people with motion-disabilities in the next years by collaborating with the local authorities and opening in this way the possibility to enjoy a location and a whole range of activities which they cannot reach today.