Stations / Heimkehr

An interdisciplinary project of film and conceptual design for the Arsenal Museum of Contemporary Art (Sofia)

Exhibition: 9 November – 23 December 2017
Co-production of paradise is here and IVAN ASEN 22 (Bulgaria)

Stations is a short film by director Kami Manns, based on Franz Kafka’s story “Coming Home”. The project addresses the theme of migration and is realized in cooperation with IVAN ASEN 22, a Bulgarian platform for conceptual design. The film was presented in November 2017 at the Sofia Arsenal Museum for Contemporary Art (SAMCA).

The project follows the current social trend of so-called multilocalism and investigates multilocal identities through conceptual design, video art and exhibition installation. The term “multilocalism” describes a way of living in movement: travelling from one place to another, known and unknown, as well as returning home. Director Kami Manns uses Kafka’s “Return Home” as the basis for the film Stations, reinterpreting it in moving images in an interdisciplinary context of fashion and conceptual design.

The vernissage program, scheduled on November 9, included a performance and discussion open to the public on the themes of the film, migration and identity in the era of globalism.
The exhibition was presented in Sofia until December 23, 2017. After this dates, further presentations are planned in Switzerland and at international festivals.


Direction and editing: Kami Manns
Concept and realization: Neli Mitewa, Boryana Pandova, Alessandro Gerginov, Momchil Tasev
Room (in Ticino) and editing: Nicolas Joray
Shooting and editing (in Bulgaria): Boryana Pandova
Photography (in Bulgaria): Boryana Pandova
With: Irmena Chichikova, Susy H. Wehrli-Wenger
Hair and makeup: Alina Manova
Music: Zeno Gabaglio
Conceptual designer: Alexander Gerginov, Antonia Pashova, Dilyana Ivanova, Georgi Florov, Sylvia Tsvetanova, Natalia Jivkova, Neli Mitewa, Stanislava Dimitrova, Tsvetalina Atanasova, Milena Nacheva