A look into 2018…


2018 will be a year of confirmations and a year of seeing our projects take a concrete shape. In the coming year, we aim at extending our reach both in the area of Ticino and abroad and at exploring spaces – artistic and physical – that have not been explored before. Our projects for 2018 will not be only artistic projects, even if arts remain our focus, but also projects oriented towards responsible living and connecting with the world around us.


The projects of 2018

  • Terror by Ferdinand von Schirach – rehearsals for the premiere will start in January 2018, and the premiere has been confirmed for May 2018, both in Giubiasco and in Milan. Upcoming performances are planned to take place at the Federal Criminal Court in Bellinzona and at the LAC in Lugano.

  • #JeSuis – a co-production of paradise is here and the Aakash Odedra Company, which explores the changing climate of freedom of expression in Turkey and on the Syrian/Iraqi migrant crisis. The contemporary dance piece will have the premiere in February 2018 in Abu Dhabi and will be presented throughout Europe and abroad in 2018. In 2017, a work-in-progress version of #JeSuis was presented within the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and was awarded the Amnesty International Freedom of Speech Award. 

  • Pilot project – a cooperation project between the Conservatorio della Svizzera Italiana and the Palucca Hochschule für Tanz Dresden, which will involve the composition and choreography students of the two universities, who will have a unique opportunity to create short term work together. The performances will initially take place in Lugano and Dresden.

  • Condivio – a project for the community of Ticino, which will include a series of education and social activities for the local community. In the streets of Ticino, joining schools and neighborhoods, encouraging a slanted look at things, raising teenagers on the stage, putting backpacks on the shoulders and entering museums and theaters, Condivio aims at opening discussions, mind and senses for the community around us.

  • Our new online shop – the end of 2017 has brought a first peak into our online shop, which will take a concrete shape in 2018. The products that we have so far as well (among which a Stella Bernrain organic chocolate box and 100% cotton bags) as well as those that we are working on for 2018 are not only practical object of design, but products that encourage local production and that are made with care and with responsibility for nature and for the surrounding environment. Check them out here.